Henri Meillier's color immersion series painting

Looking back to my start in 1953 as a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art, and the Academy of the Fine Arts, I remember how they guided my future. My explorations into art, literature and music as a visual interpretation of language with vivid harmony.

My philosophies are ingrained in my process and style. Focusing on the act of invention and evoking emotions in all my paintings. Over the past decades I have created a variety of themed series that synthesize abstraction through the use of mixed media, found items, assemblage, representation painting styles, and other techniques I’ve developed over a lifetime career in art.

Reshuffling past art movements into a more contemporary, diverse scope incorporating styles and attitudes into a view of the current world cultures, and the biases that affect everyday acts of living. There is a sense of connection, an understanding with emotional clarity.

The work I create in my studio, named ‘ATELIER’ after the act of creation, is where I speak a visual dialog of thought. A language that needs no words that speak the known truths.

~ Henri Meillier